MRI is available in each of Dr Creaney’s practices.

How Much does an MRI cost? - Usually £350 for 1 body part (in the North West).

If this is too much, cheaper scans are available in Solihull and London but you must be prepared to travel. 

If your GP, Therapist or yourself believe that you need an MRI, Dr Creaney can arrange this for you at any private hospital. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging ‘MRI’ is the most versatile imaging technique used in modern medicine. MRI does not use X-rays or ionising radiation, so it is much safer to use than CT or X-rays. It is also able to produce high-resolution images of all tissue types - bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage etc, meaning it is very useful in sports medicine.

An MRI takes approximately 30 minutes per body part. The patient has to lie in a tunnel which some people find claustrophobic, however ‘Open’ MRI machines also exist (Leeds & London). The machine is also very noisy.

There are also ‘Upright’ MRI’s which allow the pictures to be taken in a more functional sitting or standing position. This is useful for looking at the discs in your spine.  

Recently MRI machines with stronger magnets have been developed - 3 Tesla ‘3T’ MRI is able to produce the highest resolution images, and is particularly useful for ‘Cartilage mapping’, in patients with subtle cartilage injuries. 

Dr Creaney has access to MRI at all facilities and 3T MRI is available at OrthTeam, Spire Manchester, The BMI Alexandra and The Wilmslow Hospital, 52 Alderley Road

Upright & Open MRI in Manchester airport & Didsbury