How much does an MRI cost?

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Initial Consultation with specialist £200, Follow-Up £140

There are over 30 Private MRI scanners in Manchester, meaning there is reasonable price competition between providers. 

If you are self-paying for an MRI scan i.e. you don’t have Private Medical Insurance (PMI) then you will be able to get one for about £350. If you are prepared to travel to Birmingham or London, there are companies who do scans for £200. 

Warning - cheap scans are often performed on older poorer quality 1.5 Tesla scanners, and reported by inexperienced radiologists. As with anything you pay for quality (New 3 Tesla scanner, experienced radiologist etc). 

You will need a qualified doctor to order the scan. A Consultant/Specialist who has trained for over 10 years to be able to make a diagnosis, understand the meaning of the MRI images and the radiologist’s report (which is written in medical language). 

MRI Scan results are extremely complicated. An MRI scan is useless without a qualified doctor who understands why is it needed, how to interpret it, and separate what is normal from relevant pathological findings. 

The Consultant will charge you for new (£200) and follow-up (£140) appointments also, so you need to factor in these costs also. 

MRI Safety - an MRI scanner is a very strong magnet, and you cannot have loose surgical metal in your brain, heart, organs etc. Also the bore is narrow so claustrophobic patients may need to seek alternative arrangements. 

Dr Leon Creaney