Partial Meniscectomy

The medial and lateral menisci in the knee can be torn through twisting, running or degeneration(ageing). 

Symptoms include swelling (free fluid in the knee), joint line tenderness, pain on bending the knee, locking and painful clicking. 

A common proedure for a torn meniscus is to trim away the damaged part (partial meniscectomy). 

In recent years scientists have challenged the long term effectiveness of that procedure, and certainly in people over 50, it is not clear the procedure produces any long term benefit.

Alternatives include a steroid injection for pain relief. 

Whenever possible however, it is preferable to repair a damaged meniscus, though it is only possible in a small percentage of cases. 

For more information on meniscal injuries, please view the following powerpoint:- 

Meniscal injuries and their treatment. 

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