Clicking Knee

Dr Leon Creaney - Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine 

For appointments 01204 774142,

Initial Consultation £200, Follow-Up £140, MRI scan from £350 

There are many causes of a painful clicking knee and it will require a medical assessment and probably an MRI scan to determine the cause. For example:- 

- Torn Meniscus (cartilage) 

- Patellofemoral (knee cap rubbing against knee joint) 

- Arthritis 

- Knee instability (torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament) 

Many of these conditions can be treated with physiotherapy, or a simple cortisone injection. Others will require surgery. Dr Creaney can administer these treatments, and works with the best surgeons (OrthTeam) in Manchester.


Spire Manchester (OrthTeam building, Didsbury, end of M56)

Spire Cheshire (Stretton, Warrington just off M56)

BMI Alexandra Hospital (Cheadle)

The Wilmslow Hospital (near Manchester Airport)

MIHP (Manchester Institute of Health & Performance) - Eastlands (near Etihad Stadium MCFC) 

Nuffield Diagnostic Centre (Manchester Royal Infirmary)